Partnership Program

The DOE DataGuard Partnership is a formalized way for member-based organizations to indicate their support for the DataGuard concepts and principles as described in the Voluntary Code of Conduct. (VCC).

The DataGuard VCC assures all parties in the energy ecosystem that prospective partners are following trusted best practices. Consumers of varied perspectives can be reassured when they see the DataGuard logo mark that their energy and technology providers are treating their energy usage data responsibly.

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Partner Organization Benefits

Becoming a DataGuard partner reinforces and strengthens your organization’s commitment to the importance of responsible sharing, access, and privacy of consumer energy use data.

  • Participation in the program demonstrates the partner organization's commitment to the access, sharing and protection of consumer energy usage data.
  • An opportunity to shape and influence the national conversation on access and privacy so your members will be acknowledged and recognized for their trustworthy efforts.
  • Early access to relevant DOE resources, publications, analyses to inform privacy discussions at national, state, and utility levels.
  • Identification and recognition of your organization on and
  • Logos included in presentations at national conferences.
  • Opportunities for thought leaders from partners' member organizations to speak at national workshops and conferences on the topic of access and privacy.

Expectations of Partner Organizations

  • Educate and raise awareness of the program and its benefits to members and in relevant industry speaking engagements.
  • Leverage the DataGuard Toolkit in collaboration with Partner organizations to explain how DataGuard fits with complementary initiatives (such as NAESB, Green Button).
  • Display DataGuard and Partner logos together when appropriate.
  • Contribute to biennial revision process to maintain alignment with current best practices and changing market conditions.

General Terms

  • Either party can terminate this agreement at any time without prior notification or penalties and with no further obligation. DOE will not comment publicly regarding the withdrawal of Partners.
  • Partner agrees that activities it undertakes connected with this voluntary agreement are not intended to provide services to the federal government, and that the Partner will not seek compensation from a federal agency.
  • Partner agrees that it will not claim or imply that its participation in the DataGuard Partnership Program constitutes DOE approval or endorsement of anything other than its participation in the program, and that it will not make statements or imply that DOE endorses purchase or sale of Partner's products and services or views of Partner organization.
  • DOE may post publicly and/or share information about Partner Organization's commitment to responsible data access, sharing, and privacy.
  • DOE can use partner names and logos in raising awareness for the DataGuard program.
  • DOE may periodically revise program benchmark levels or other eligibility requirements.

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Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative
For more information, contact:
Nathan Shannon
(404) 348-8048
Green Button Alliance
For more information, contact:
Jeremy J. Roberts
(215) 918-1026
Smart Electric Power Alliance
For more information, contact:
Jenny Szaro
(202) 559-2023

Program Contact

If you have questions about the DataGuard Partner Program please send an email to DOE at