Learn how to join by becoming an adopter of the DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program

How to Join

Companies choosing to adopt the DataGuard Energy Data Privacy program are expected to publicly commit to the program. To get started, review the DataGuard Voluntary Code of Conduct Concepts and Principles, share the information within your company, and begin the conversations necessary to adopt.

Once you have determined that your company or organization is in conformance with and ready to adopt DataGuard, sign the Adoption Statement and submit it to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) electronically. Signatures should come from an individual within the company with sufficient authority to commit the organization to DataGuard. By completing and submitting the Adoption Statement, the company signifies that it adheres to the guidelines and principles as of the effective date listed on the Adoption Statement. DOE will maintain a list of those organizations publicly committing to conformance with DataGuard on this website.

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Access the DataGuard online Adoption Statement >>

DataGuard Toolkit

After DOE receives your company's Adoption Statement, you may utilize the DataGuard toolkit to develop your own announcements and communications to assure your customers that you are respecting their privacy and treating their data responsibly. The toolkit includes:

  • Artwork for the DataGuard logo
  • DataGuard identity standards
  • Fact sheet about the program
  • PowerPoint template for introducing DataGuard within your organization
  • Newsletter and bill insert example
  • Web content
  • Website button
  • Press release template
  • Social media content

Access DataGuard toolkit >>

Updates, Revisions, and Opting Out

DOE will coordinate a DataGuard Revisions Working Team that will review the concepts and principles for updates and revisions every two years. The team will review any suggested revisions that are received as well as conduct an independent review of the concepts and principles to determine if any revisions may be warranted.

When revisions are made to the DataGuard Voluntary Code of Conduct Guidelines and Principles, an email will be sent to the primary contact on the Adoption Form. To maintain DataGuard status, adopting companies must confirm that they are adhering to the revised guidelines and principles and notify DOE of their intent to continue using the DataGuard brand. If DOE does not receive confirmation within 90 days, the company will be assumed to have opted out of the program and must cease using the DataGuard brand.

Participants may also suggest a revision to the DataGuard Voluntary Code of Conduct Concepts and Principles by contacting the program at DataGuard@nrel.gov. Suggestions will be forwarded to the DataGuard Revisions Working TEAM for review and consideration.

Program Contact

If you have questions about DataGuard, adopting the program, using the DataGuard toolkit, or would like to make changes to your adoption statement, please send an email to DOE at DataGuard@nrel.gov.